Ball Mandrel Bend Tooling

This articulated ball mandrel was completed for a long-term client that manufactures exhausts.

Highcross Designs has designed and made tooling for this client for more than six years. But when they urgently needed to modify an existing mandrel to make it fit a smaller tube size, they weren’t sure if we would be able to accommodate.

Highcross were able to bring them in for a same-day modification, using a lathe to skim down the mandrel while they waited. The client was able to take the refurbished mandrel away the same day.

A ball mandrel is inserted into a tube before complex tube bending applications to ensure that the tube doesn’t collapse while it is being manipulated.

They are often required for specialist bending applications such as tighter bend radii, thinner-wall tubes and for use on hard to bend materials.

The quality of the mandrel will determine the quality and shape of the outside of the bend.

Highcross Designs will design and manufacture ball mandrels to a variety of diameters and specifications. This tooling normally has a four-week lead time.

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Articulated Ball Mandrel