An exhaust manufacturer brought this end-forming tool project to us when they grew frustrated with their current supplier.

Their problem with the existing tool was that exhaust pipes were bending and collapsing under pressure from the hydraulic press.

This is a key challenge with different kinds of exhaust tooling. And knowing how to correct it requires quite specific technical expertise and experience.

Our engineering team worked closely with the client to understand the problem, the machine environment and the desired results.

Taking the original forming tool as our starting place, we redesigned the part to minimise the internal pressure on the exhaust tube.

Following a successful set of test results, we also created new technical drawings that we shared with the client.

When installed, the end-forming tool peels back the end of the exhaust pipes to create a curved edge that’s safer and more aesthetically appealing than the sharp metal edge.

Several different types of exhaust pipe have the curved edge applied, including exhaust end pipes and internal connections.

Because the client manufactures exhausts in several sizes and styles, we had to create different forming tools to meet different specifications.

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