Highcross Designs creates a range of these cutting blades on a regular basis for one of our largest clients – a European engine block manufacturer.

The hardened blades shear off excess material when the aluminium engine block is removed from a mould. Each blade is attached to a purpose-built rotating machine arm and pushed across the engine block to shave off excess molten aluminium and give a smooth, uniform finish.

The Highcross team has worked with the engine block maker for many years, creating dozens of different parts to disparate specifications.

This type of blade is one of several products that the engine manufacturer regularly orders from our Denton workshop.

And because the client trusts us to hold onto their technical drawings, it means that we can locate and machine any parts that they require in the quickest possible time. When, as is often the case, the manufacturer needs something urgently, they just send us a part number and we can get the product crafted and shipped as quickly as possible.

If a part requires any changes, we can make them in-house with input from the client.

This is what the client had to say about us:

Overall we find Highcross Designs Ltd to be a very professional company, value for money, excellent quality and on time deliveries

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