Pierce and Raise Tooling

A long-term customer asked us to create pierce and raise tooling that could pierce a hole in a baffle plate and raise the lip to accommodate a tube ready for welding.

Highcross designed and created the pierce and raise tooling to exact requirements from the client. We have worked with this particular client since 2004 when Highcross first opened for business.

The exhaust tooling is still used at their manufacturing site today and continues to work well.

A baffle plate plays a role in reducing the amount of sound produced by an exhaust. Usually made from steel, the baffle plate diverts exhaust gases and dampens the sound as it exits the engine.

Baffle plates need to be punctured with holes to accommodate tubes that are welded into place.

These holes will not be uniform in size from one type of exhaust to another, so the pierce and raise tooling needs to be built to a manufacturer’s specification.

The dimensions of the tooling have to be very accurate in order to puncture a clean hole in the baffle plate. And it needs to be tough to consistently work through steel.

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