Highcross Designs Ltd

Why we wanted a change…

At Highcross Designs Ltd we have always worked hard to build solid, long lasting working relationships with our customers. This, along with our commitment to providing quality, value for money and great customer service, means we’ve been fortunate enough to grow based mainly on reputation and word of mouth alone. We hope this will always be the case but we felt now was the time to take the next step and update Highcross’s online image to match its excellent reputation.

What we hope to achieve…

With the launch of our new website we are hoping to give our existing and potential new customers a better understanding of what we can do for them and let them know how we can help.

How will it help you…

The only thing that remains from our old website is the address! We have changed so much and you will now receive a much more user-friendly experience. The new website not only looks more professional, it is extremely easy to navigate, helping you find the information you want quickly and efficiently. With new features such as a projects and customer testimonial section, you can hear what other people think of us and not just what we think of ourselves!

You can also keep up to date with all our latest news on our news feed.

Who we got to help us on our journey…

Without trying to sound too modest, we are great at engineering, but when it comes to building a website we are clueless! That’s why we enlisted the help of the friendly, professional team at Fig Creative. They were definitely the right marketing and design agency to help us build our new image, and understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. We think they have done a fantastic job!

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