VariLift Trailer

Mechanical engineering is our main forte, but every now and then we like to think outside the box! We are always thinking of ways we can utilise our knowledge and skills, so when the 2012 Paralympics were upon us we saw the potential for ground support equipment that would help airport handlers transport and elevate electric mobility aids (EMA).

EMA’s come in all shapes and sizes and some can weigh a whopping 181kg! As you can imagine, that would be hard on the back of the poor handlers having to pick them up! Due to this, approx. 3-4 handlers are needed to carry out the task of getting them from the terminal building and lifted onto conveyor belts.

This is where Highcross stepped in… In 2011 we worked closely with airports and handling companies and after a lot of input from them throughout the design stage, we were able to manufacture our VariLift Trailers that are now in use at Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Stansted.

Stansted are the latest airport to invest in the VariLift trailer. We recently delivered 3 units to them and have just got back from the airport where we provided some onsite training to the team.

Due to the popularity of the Mark 1 version we are now in the early stages of developing the VariLift Trailer Mark 2! If you would like to find out more please visit our VariLift page. You can also visit to register your interest or help us with our market research.

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